Realtor Information We Value Realtors!

Commitment. Integrity. Value.

We know how important realtors are to buying and selling a home. We value your commitment to your clients and the time you put into finding the right home for their lifestyle. As a thank you for the value you bring, we pay a commission to realtors—both those who work with their client throughout the build and those who refer clients directly to us.


  • 3%

    For realtor-represented pre-sale

    If the 3% commission is desired, we ask that you set up the initial meeting between K&L Homes and your client, and that you also attend the meeting. To be able to keep good communications between all parties, we require that you stay with your client through the entire building process. We strive to create a wonderful experience for our clients and value the contributions a buyer's agent can make toward creating that experience.

  • 1%

    For referrals (non-represented sale)

    When a prospective buyer comes to K&L Homes with no realtor, we always assume no realtor is involved. However, as part of our procedure, we ask our clients how they heard of us. If the client says a local realtor referred them, we pay the realtor a 1% commission upon closing. If the client is working with a buyer's agent, we ask that the realtor be included in all future meetings.