Our Building Process Home Construction Overview

It's Easier Than You Think with K&L's Hands-on Process!

One of the amazing things about K&L Homes is the process we go through to build a home for you while keeping your costs down.

  • 1

    Meet and Greet

    We will meet with you to discuss the specifics of your new home, including gathering information about the lot where the home will be built. If you don’t yet have a site, we can help.

  • 2

    Site Visit

    A visit to the site provides us with a lay of the land to inform discussions about the build location. We’re experts at reading the land and can make recommendations for the best location for your home.

  • 3

    Financing Options to Build Your Home

    It's important to know your budget before looking for a new home. By getting pre-qualified for a loan, you know exactly how much home to shop for. We recommend working with Banner Bank in East Wenatchee and Community First Bank in Kennewick.

  • 4

    Pre-Construction Meeting

    At this meeting, we will discuss and confirm the features in your home, including interior and exterior colors and types of flooring. We will also go over upcoming decisions and what to expect as we move ahead.

  • 5

    Building Your Home

    During the planning phases, we are coordinating with our subcontractors to ensure their availability for construction of your home—on time and on budget.

  • 6

    Electrical Placement

    Once your home is framed, we will meet with you at the construction site to determine placement of your electrical outlets and lights.

  • 7

    Final Inspection

    We arrange for final inspection for issuance of a Certificate of Final Occupancy. We will be present during final inspection to answer any questions that may arise.

  • 8


    Before you move in, we’ll walk you through your new home, show you how to operate your new appliances and the heating/cooling system, and answer any questions you may have.

  • 9


    Once your home has closed, we turn the keys over to you. Your new home anxiously awaits you!

  • 10

    After the Sale

    Should there be any glitches with your home during the first year, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can solve them right away. After the first year, our 2-10 Warranty goes into effect, providing additional protection for your investment.

For lots without city services, multiple steps may be involved for engineering, drilling a well, installing septic, and bringing power to the lot prior to prepping the building site.